So why the name
‘The Drunken Hummingbird’?

Well, for one, because hummingbirds are little sugar addicts! They gorge themselves on the nectar of flowers with the highest sugar content. Their genetic predisposition to assess this allows them to pass over the flowers they deem inadequately sweet. These tiny piggies consume roughly half their weight in nectar. That is, unless the nectar is especially sweet, in which case they consume twice their weight!

The fast-flying colorful beauties also get drunk! Garden feeders, hung to attract these mini marvels, are full of a sugar water solution, that, when left in the heat too long, ferments into a boozy sun-punch (much like rum, distilled from a sugar cane-solution).

Though gardener’s are implored to keep watch to avoid this (as it can be dangerous for the hummer’s), it seems the only thing they like more than their usual sweet fare is the boozy version!

We thought there can be no better mascot for a little rum infused cake, about the same size and weight as our miniature feathered friends.


Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

Our Ingredients are fresh! Our small batch bakery allows for fresh all natural ingredients and easy quality control. We don’t cut corners. Our mission is to create and bring to market the best product possible. We like the accolades! We want the attention! We strive to be the best. Our strong suit isn’t modesty- it’s cake!

In our test kitchen we’ve tried dozens of recipes and variations of these, searching for the best possible balance of flavors, textures and overall quality and longevity of our cakes.

However, we know the best recipes in the world cannot save lackluster ingredients.


Our decision to sell our signature caramel sauce separately was a test-kitchen stroke of luck. While playing w/ glazes and sauces to infuse our cakes w/ rich rummy, buttery flavor, our caramels alone were so insanely good it was hard not to eat half the pot w/ a spoon. Hence we’ve jarred it and brought it to market as well.

Delicious and versatile, our Salted Butter-Rum Caramel and Sea-Salt Coconut & Butter-Rum Caramel Sauces are divine w/ everything. Stir a teaspoon into a glass of your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk , warm or cold, into your coffee or late or cappuccino.

Other ways to enjoy this lip-smacking goodness are:

  • Spread on toast
  • Drizzled over Crepes/ Pancakes/ Waffles/ Ice cream/ Popcorn and Oatmeal
  • Used as a dip for Pretzels and fruit
  • Poured over your favorite cakes of course!
  • And simply (our favorite) eaten w/ a spoon


We make an assorment of cakes, in many flavors and sizes, as well as caramel sauces. Our bundt cakes come in mini and full sized cakes, as well as made-to-order tiered bundt cakes for that special occasion.

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