The Drunken Hummingbird Bakery specializes in small liquor based cakes and confections such as rum cake bundlets, rum-soaked madelines, and a variety of salted butter-rum caramel sauces.

We make small batches, freshly baked and brought to your door.

We bake full size, gluten free and made to order cakes as well, with a willingness to meet our customers various requests.

And we cheerfully cater for all occasions! At the Drunken Hummingbird we use only premium ingredients.
We aim to support and participate in our local economy and be a socially and environmentally conscious company.

Our ingredients are farm fresh, locally sourced, organic, non GMO, and cage free. We do not use Hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or anything unpronounceable.
We choose bio-degradable, eco-friendly materials as opposed to plastic, wherever possible.
And we believe that cake should be delicious, slightly addictive, and shared!

We look forward to sharing our insanely good goods with you!


(Head Taste-Tester)


Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

Our Ingredients are fresh! Our small batch bakery allows for fresh all natural ingredients and easy quality control. We don’t cut corners. Our mission is to create and bring to market the best product possible. We like the accolades! We want the attention! We strive to be the best. Our strong suit isn’t modesty- it’s cake!

In our test kitchen we’ve tried dozens of recipes and variations of these, searching for the best possible balance of flavors, textures and overall quality and longevity of our cakes.

However, we know the best recipes in the world cannot save lackluster ingredients.

Test Kitchen

As the head taste-tester I‘ve certainly taken one for the team! I’ve had whole days where all I’ve eaten was cake. A real work hazard!

At the Drunken Hummingbird Bakery we’ve played with different recipes, different rums & different volumes of rum. At first we thought the solution to every problem was “more rum!”. Still, we experimented with different sugars, extracts, egg ratios [whipped to whole egg or yolk], different baking agents and flours [cake or all-purpose], oils and ratios in general.

We’ve altered and created different glazes, caramels and methods for optimal soaking of the cake while maintaining a firm body, nice crumble and the perfect moisture balance.

And we’ve tested the cakes longevity for maximum flavor and rumminess.

After much ado (and some weight gain) we can proudly offer you an insanely good (and slightly addictive) product.

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